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Trampoline types

Mulltihull - trampoline manufactures trampoline nets for all types of catamarans. We have already provided our clients nets for the following catamaran types:


Vessel Type                                               

Lagoon 380

Lagoon 400

Lagoon 410

Lagoon 420

Lagoon 440

Lagoon 450

Lagoon 470

Lagoon 500

Nautitech 395

Nautitech 44

Nautitech 47

Nautitech 475

Nautitech 50

Fountaine Pajot - Lavezzi 40

Fountaine Pajot - Venezia 42

Fountaine Pajot - Belise 43

Fountaine Pajot - Salina 48

Fountaine Pajot - Athena 38

Dream Catcher 62

Bahia 46


Contact us to give you an offer



You can order now your trampoline net just by indicating your vessel type or by measuring all sides of the trapezium where your net will be applied (see the drawing below).


Measure X1, X2, X3 & X4 in any kind of metric system. X's represent the four sides of the area where the trampoline will be fitted. For special shapes and netting projects please see our "special projects" section.

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